How to raise your business in this competitive digital world with economical digital marketing?

A surprising fact we have come across is that more than half of world’s population is Online and even every third citizen of developing countries is using Internet. With this extensive usage, we have a whole new digital world where a new market has emerged with an entirely different approach.

Increase Revenue with Digital Marketing

Increase Revenue with Digital Marketing

Innovation in digital technology has entirely changed the way of a customer and the service provider to approach the new digital market. In India, today Computers (Laptops), Smart Phone and other devices have become an easy tool to access Internet for a person at economical price. Over 90% PC users and over 50% smart phone users perform their transactions (purchasing or selling) online. Rise in new digital market has brought competition in it as well. There are many methods for users to look for their desired products or services and so are for service providers to target their prospects (customers).

With keeping this high competition in mind, a working group of experts has emerged to deal with the marketing techniques online which were once called traditional marketers (without Internet) now called Digital Marketing Experts (for e.g. SEO Companies in Faridabad, SEO Company in Gurgaon etc).

One of the biggest benefit of this marketing is the cost invested by a company to promote is very less than the cost involved in marketing in traditional way. Even now companies are investing over 70% of their marketing budget on Online Marketing. Online Marketing has also opened infinite ways to aspirants (Growing Entrepreneurs) to start their own ventures by investing moderate amount of money on online marketing by approaching Digital Marketers to promote and raise their services demand.

In India, there are many Digital Marketing Companies (SEO Services in Delhi, SEO Company in Noida etc) which are easily approachable and provide effective services at economical price.

So if you are planning to start your own business journey and require targeting a market then approaching a Digital Marketing Company will be the right decision for you to increase your prospects.

Why Directory Submission Eliminating From SEO 2013

This blog post is about why directory submission is not safe for future seo activities and what the reason behind this is to eliminate this from seo activities.

Is Directory Submission Safe or Not For Guaranteed Results in SEO?


In Past Directory submission is quite really very helpful if you want to achieve the highest ranking results in SERPs because this provides you a direct one-way link to your website with your “Money Keywords” and also provide you do-follow link which you can’t get much do-follow links from social bookmarks, article submissions and many more activities.

But now these days Google wants to track all the spammers and now these days Google rating the websites as per the spam rates percentages so Google applying the penalties and penalizing various directory websites which allows the spammers to spam onto their directory websites and not providing the correct and relevant websites.

If you do directory submissions to some non-relevant websites or any average directory websites so you are going to hurt your rankings. If you want to do directory submissions so make sure that the website is not penalized or flagged as spam on Google’s list or de-indexed.

If you do the submissions in a correct way and in niche and trusted websites like or yahoo directory and provide the correct unique content to the websites then you will get the best guaranteed results in seo without losing anything.

If you have done the submissions to various directories with “same anchor text” then please make some changes to all the submissions and request the admins of that website owner to remove the links which are not giving value to improve your business in SEO because maybe in some days Google will come up with Penguin Update and this time Google focuses on the things like:

  • Same Anchor Text
  • Same Descriptions Content
  • The percentage of “Money Keyword” is used in anchor text
  • And many more things..

And this kind of resolutions will also help your website to prevent from Penguin updates and also recover your website if your website hurt by penguin updates.

If you want to avail our seo services so our company VishSoft Solutions will also help to improve your website’s rankings over Google by using the various Penguin and Panda proof works at very affordable price plans which includes SEO and SMO Services for small business owners with effective results as we helped many business owners and also those customers who read our blogs and then decide to give their work to us as we have professional seo experts in our team.

SEO Company Process That Will Provide You Guaranteed SEO Results

First of all what is SEO i.e., Search Engine Optimization?

Well, SEO or Search engine Optimization is a process that is quite really popular in increasing the online sales factor for online business or companies who sells their products online. The SEO is a part of Online Marketing Strategy which we also know as Internet Marketing.

Well, this is a very effective way to optimize your website with Guaranteed Results in terms of SEO which provide you targeting sales this includes many tactics and tricks to optimize but you have to make sure that which kind of SEO you are opting rather its White Hat SEO or Black Hat SEO for information about White Hat and Black Hat SEO you can check my previous Blog post.

How You Get Guaranteed SEO Results?

By using White Hat Technique you will rank higher in Search Engine and that’s for sure and it’s for Long Term ranking which you can say SEO Guaranteed Results.

What Factors or Activities Involves To Achieve SEO Guaranteed Results?

You can see this in below image:

SEO Guaranteed Results

SEO Process Cycle

  1. Initial Analysis: – Analyze your own website.
  2. Keyword Research and Analysis: choose your keywords on which you want to achieve high rankings. You can check best keywords on Google Adwords Services and it’s free.
  3. Competitors Analysis: check your competitors mostly Top 10 websites on which you want to target your keyword and go through their each and every webpage like their internal linking and external linking.
  4. Sitemap and RSS Feed: Always include Sitemap for your website because it always guides your website visitors and including RSS will help to subscribe of various users.
  5. Search Engine and directory Submissions: This will help you in doing seo, by doing search engine and directory submissions you will get Guaranteed Results in SEO.
  6. Social Bookmarking: Doing Social Bookmarking will get backlinks to your website and helps your website in SERP and provides you SEO Guaranteed Results in Every search engines.
  7. Blogs and Press Releases Creation: By Creating Blogs and Press releases through this you will get boost in rankings and also get many backlinks but the content should be original and should be niche quality through this you will get Better SEO Results.
  8. Article submissions: Creating a Better and High Quality Article and submitting it to various article websites by this you also got reputation links and also authorized linking from High PR sites and becomes into a Brand hence you get better SEO Guaranteed Results for your website.
  9. Link Popularity: Link popularity is the main and most feature in SEO that who are linking to you and in what factors they judge your website and reviews your site and this type of work can be done or improved only by SEO and SEM Company who handles the critical things related to latest updates of algorithms in Google or any other search engine.

Through these above steps you will definitely get SEO Guaranteed Results.

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Top 10 Factors To Optimize Website To Achieve SEO Guaranteed Results

Factors To Optimize Website To Achieve SEO Guaranteed Results

There are so many ways to optimize your business website like performing many things like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Search Media Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC (Pay Per click) and Many different ways to achieve Higher ranking in search engines. Everybody looking for how to get seo guaranteed results to earn the taste of high ranking like top 10 in search engine results, but wait and think about that what you will going to do there are many different seo tactics like there is 3 types of SEO are out there:

  1. Black Hat SEO
  2. Grey Hat SEO
  3. White Hat SEO

Q: Now it’s little bit confusion between these 3 types that which one is better and which is good as per the guidelines of Google or any search engines.

A: Well Black Hat and Grey Hat SEO are those types of SEO which is not better as per the search engine guidelines these types of tactics are illegal through this you can achieve good results in very small time duration but whenever search engine crawler saw your websites like these kind of tactics they will penalize or sandbox your websites.

Q: So which one is better legal way to get Guaranteed SEO Results?

A: Well, Its White Hat SEO – In White Hat SEO you can perform the activities like On-Page Optimization.

Q: Now what is On-Page Optimization?

A: Well, On-Page Optimization is a part of White Hat SEO Optimization.

Q: What Activities Involved In On-Page Optimization?

A: On-Page Optimization Involves the Various SEO Research and Analysis Services which is to be performed by any SEO Professional who knows the factors like in India we say Professional SEO Services India.

SEO Guaranteed Results, Professional SEO Services India, SEO Research and Analysis Services

On-Page SEO Research and Analysis Services To Optimize

What Factors involves in SEO Research and Analysis Services?

Well, In SEO Research and Analysis Services various types of activities involved as you see an image above which explains itself.

It is to be performed by any Professional SEO Services Providers in India or in your country or city these 10 factors are:

  1. Competition Analysis – How many competitors are there for your services?
  2. Keyword Research & Analysis – On which keyword you want to achieve rankings.
  3. Website Structure Optimization –It’s like anything like your internal linking or structure of your website.
  4. W3C Validation – It’s Important that your website is free of any kind of errors like compilations or scripting errors.
  5. Meta Tag optimization – Its Important about your website which describes your whole website in a particular topic it’s like this <meta name=”descriptioncontent=”Your Descriptions Goes here”/> .
  6. Image Optimization – Yes, It’s important for your SEO Guaranteed Results by using “ALT” tags in your website’s Images.
  7.  Site Map Creations –By creating and submitting Sitemap file for your website it will like make sure to have this one in your website.
  8. Robo.txt Creation – This file tells the search engine crawlers that what to see and what’s not to see in your website.
  9. Website Analysis –Analyze your website thoroughly in aspects of your websites performance speed,  Image optimization, Meta Tags, Validations, Navigations and graphics and CSS files.
  10. White Hat SEO Only to get SEO Guaranteed results.

That’s all 10 factors through which you obtain a well and SEO Guaranteed results in search engine results.

Through this can I achieve SEO Guaranteed results?

Yes, by performing these basic things you can get SEO Guaranteed Results for your website in lesser time and if you are a developer or having basic HTML knowledge so you not need to hire any Professional SEO Services but its better you take guidelines from these Professional SEO Services Providers. We also perform these types of activities if you require this as we are Professional SEO Services India who provides great SEO Results.