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“I've been with you for almost a year. So far I am very pleased with your service!”

“I've been with a few different companies in my time.”

— John F.

“Great prices, awesome customer service and solid features. Highly recommended! A+”

— George D.

“I'm very impressed with the knowledge of the staff and your fast response times!”

— William B.


Get Your Company's Position Onto The Online Positioning Over Search Engines

So what exactly is online positioning/co-positioning? Think of it as the perception your business takes in the minds of customers when they come online. In other words, positioning is how you want your brand to be perceived by others. Just think – Ford, Lexus and Bentley are all car manufacturers, but they’re all perceived in a different light. Those differences in light serve as the brand’s position in the marketplace.

The first step of this process is to build your positioning statement. This is a sentence that defines the core of your company’s brand. But before you can begin crafting this statement, you absolutely must spend adequate time performing preliminary analysis – this is HOW you determine your position. (See why I’ve been beating everyone over the head with this the past few days?)

To sum up, by putting together all of the ingredients: analysis, positioning and matrix, Vishsoft provides you with a ready recipe for cooking up all the innovative strategies needed for online success.

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